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Walk barefoot

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Barefoot walking is a meditation...and after reading this poem I think it's something we has humans need to do. We need to reconnect to the earth we live on, the one that we nearly always take from, this could be our way of giving something back.

Firstly when walking barefoot there is something you do diligently and that's look down at the ground because you need to see where your walking! No mobiles to look at or conversations to be had you need to concentrate otherwise you could be pulling a thistle out of your foot!

..most of us would have heard of reflexology and the fact that our feet are covered in a multitude of points that correspond to various parts of our body and by walking barefoot we are stimulating these points, with the undulations of the earth we are activating different areas of our feet all the time, the ultimate free foot massage!

We are surrounded EMF radiation, from all our appliances, phones and computers, these devices have an artificial electric charge, we have our own natural charge and frequency which resonate with our earth frequency and with the increase in EMF frequency due to more satellite's in space and 5G among other walking allows excess accumulated energy within us to go down into the earth.


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