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Ray of Light

Sun care


Oh, the suncream arena is crazy...slather loads of chemicals on your skin and add sunlight to the mix and see what happens! I'm very excited with my newly formulated suncream, it's 100% natural made with a combination of shea butter, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, sesame oil and zinc the zinc oxide does leave a slightly misty film on your skin but that is because its a natural reflective from the sun. My suncream is approximately

Spf 20.

Please think twice about buying chemical suncreams.

Titanium Dioxide - harmful to coral reefs.

Oxybenzone - disrupts hormones and causes organ system toxicity

Octinoxate - toxic to coral reefs

Homosalate - enhances pesticide absorbtion.

Most things that are bad for the planet are bad for us because we are all one and all so intelligently connected.

If you're going to buy a natural suncream check out my company list at the bottom of the page.

Be safe in the sun, avoid 12-1pm, wear a hat or a long sleeve top, white being the optimal colour to reflect heat.

A polo shirt with the collar turned up and a hat for kids with a little cream on their face and arms is enough, remember that all important Vitamin D!

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