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A waterfalll in a garden


Clean, conscience and creativity

Alot more information to come on the subject of water, for now, make sure it is the cleanest you can make it, get a good filter, avoid water housed in plastic bottles.

(If not kept in a cool, dark location the plastic can leach into the water) and plus we don't want to contribute to the ever increasing size of the world's plastic island.

For now check out my blog post:-


What is fluoride...a natural mineral found in nature (calcium fluoride) is naturally found in some sea and spring water and is contained in the earth's crust. Naturally occurring fluoride would make sense to be healthy for us. When it is added to our drinking water though it has been changed...into chemical compounds called calcium fluoride, fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate and hexafluorosilicate. These are then added to some counties water supply. We have been told that fluoride helps protect teeth and prevent was also used by the Nazi's to reduce people's resistance to authority back in the 1930's! It is considered safe in small amounts. If you use it to brush your teeth it clearly states that you should only use a pea size amount and not to swallow...why? because its a neurotoxin, a by-product of aluminium and other heavy metals, which when in our bloodstream can alter cognitive health and there has been questions raised about children and ADHD...where we I live there is no added fluoride in the water (you can check this online) otherwise I would buy a specific fluoride filter. We also use natural fluoride free toothpaste.

Aloe dent (found in Waitrose)

There are plenty of others but be sure to read the label properly as lots of natural looking toothpastes do contain fluoride!

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