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All about me...


Through this site, I hope to inspire people to consider their role on this earth. What part do we have to play? For me, I am passionate about leaving as little trace as possible, to reduce and re-think what we consume, how we consume it and what we really need. I would like life to be a little simpler, remove the unnecessary, reduce what we throw away.

WILD & PURE products will always be locally sourced wherever possible (shea butter and olive oil are exceptions). Made by me with care, attention and love (and usually healing music too!). There packaging will always be recyclable, re-useable or upcycled. Our sourced products are carefully found, and large corporations avoided (not naming name's) The closer and smaller the source the better. This is about bettering the lives of the 'common people' (thank you Jarvis Cocker), thus reducing our carbon footprint (whatever that means) by shopping locally. We will not buy cheap to make more profit. But the price will reflect a good deal for all. Our products will not contain any artificial preservatives. Our body creams are just that, for the whole external body, that includes your face. If it is too heavy for you in the day, use as a nourishing night cream. And most importantly my aim is to re-connect us with nature, it's not just a pretty picture, it's food, medicine and there for us all, and it is free because that's the way mother nature intended. We don't abuse it, take more than we need, we nurture it, love it and look after it for generations to come. Love weeds, love nature, we are all one.

Weeds and why I love them

Weeds are everywhere, usually where you don't want them. They are invasive, hardy and do as they please. Weed killers subdue them but they come back because they are tenacious. My love for making creams and salves out of foraged weeds allows me to bring some of that beautiful life force of the plant to us as humans. Whether it be to detoxify the skin with say dandelion or soothe the skin with chickweed, there are so many weeds that are medicinal and edible and highly nutritious! By watching weeds and what is growing around us locally, gives us a connection to nature that really allows us to embody the cycles of the seasons and the magic of the universe...mother nature is a force to be reckoned with, choosing to nurture her and understand her will make us as human beings stronger, more resilient and more connected to our world.

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