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Natural First Aid    Foraging Walks

Connecting you with nature...

We spend many pounds on pharmaceutical drugs every year...Lot's of drugs use isolated chemicals from wild plants which are then patented and sold to pharmacies, doctors, hospitals etc. this merry-go-round of prescriptions is a huge business enterprise making a lot of money for drug companies, shareholders, laboratories among others, we the people pay by prescriptions, insurance and utilities...these drugs and medicines help people everyday and some rely heavily upon them.
I like to believe that our great creator (god, spirit, mother nature) created everything in nature for us and the animals and insects of which we are all one, to help heal us, to give us food and medicine. It's given freely in it's whole (holistic) form, the product of all parts is better than one, healing in a broader manner when using the whole plant. My way of connecting to the seasons and nature is to go and see what is around and in season and learn the gifts the plant has to offer...through my foraging walks i aim to share some excitement and knowledge of skin healing plants, there qualities (energy) and what they have to offer us, we will also investigate seasonal edible delights, this in turn gives us a deep love and respect for those wild plants and we will look after them and share with others there little secrets.
There is no educations about wild plants in schools or mainstream media. The use of wild plants was handed down through the generations and we would be taught by our family members like the animals who instinctively know what is healing and poisonous. Herbal medicine for years has been outlawed and at the least discouraged because big pharmaceutical companies dominate. In turn we have lost our knowledge and our trust in ourselves and nature. I hope to reconnect us through the walks as we enter a new era of healing and medicine, to grow a community of likeminded people, folk herbalists, medicine people and foragers and learn the old ways, create new and re-connect to the laws of the land.
To find out more about my walks please contact me on Facebook, Telegram or Instagram or email me direct.

Dates for your diary

24/02/24 Start of the 'Spring cleanse'
05/03/24 'Spring cleanse foraging walk'
30/03/24 Easter Egg nature trail
20/04/24 Natural First Aid nature walk

Gift vouchers available for that special gift for the nature lover.

Stay Wild x

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