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Earthing...The most important health discovery ever!

Updated: May 31, 2023

EARTHING - and what is this I hear you ask? Well as I am reading a fabulous book called

Earthing (The most important health discovery ever!) by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra MD Martin Zucker. I am starting to get an insight into this new but essentially old way of thinking, so here is a brief summary so far...

Being connected to the earth can help a multitude of complaints ranging from anxiety, arthritis, skin conditions, high blood pressure, depression, sleep issues, pain, rehabilitation and boosting your immune system. There is a simple reason why this helps. For the last 100 years approximately we have lost connection to the earth, this has mainly happened through the use of rubber soled shoes...if you look at our history we walked, lived and slept on the earth, we had natural skins/fleeces to sleep on, natural clothes (wool, skins) to cover us. We would have hides to cover our feet and our houses were built on the earth. We didn't have plastic or manmade materials that didn't come directly from nature. Polyester and Primark had not been birthed into existence.

Now you may think that surely we have evolved since those times and are better for it, I mean you don't sleep worried about being eaten by a predator or possibly murdered whilst you slept or your house being burnt down (well not in the Bromley suburbs anyway) but with our safety and technological advance we seem to have lost something fundamental to our health and well being...nature. The knowledge of it and sophisticated perfect structure of it all and how we are part of it or should be. By wearing shoes you are disconnecting from the source of life on this earth at a fundamental level, the base level of our existence, our grounded nature.

So how do we connect. Easy take your shoes of and go for a walk, our bare feet are designed to pick up the many subatomic particles called free electrons, this gives earths surface a negative charge, we sort of plug into this charge which can then diffuse electrical imbalances in the body and free radicals which very importantly can lead to inflammation, inflammation is considered one of the most important factors in disease. That is it in a nutshell but if you are interested in delving deeper into the science please read the book.

Another way to ground is to get your hands in the earth, gardening without gloves is another amazing way to ground. Also say it's a cold day and too cold for us 'slightly softer humans' than our ancestors too take our shoes can stand and hold a piece of green from a plant or tree, a leaf, a flower etc. that is in the ground, just holding or touching the plant will connect you to the earth through the plant root system and you will be grounded. You can't ground wearing unnatural gloves (any percentage, polyester etc.) this would not work. Natural fabrics can work which leads me to the grounding bed sheet. This is a bed sheet made of cotton that has a silver thread running all the way through it. You lay it on your bed, cover with a cotton bed sheet then plug into the wall but you don't need to turn it on. It won't cost you anything. The plug just connects your sheet to the grounding in your house which the electrics are connected to the earth (earth wire). This way you can sleep grounded and receive all the healing benefits of the earth whilst catching winks (wonder where that saying comes from...).

Our earthing sheet is from Rowland Earthing and if you like what you see there use this link to purchase (I might get a little reward :))

There is of course another way of having fun, getting fit and grounding and that is joining us every Tuesday at 10.30am for a barefoot walk, some chakra dancing and possibly some qi gong. It is free and all new people are most welcome, we just want to share the benefits of the earth together and spread the word, enjoy nature and move our bodies. We are Bromley (South-East London) please drop me a reply to this email if you are interested or would like more details or you can text me on 07772451863.

Did you know that whilst walking barefoot you are actually stimulating reflex points...activating our bodies natural healing.


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