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The power of positive intention

It is proved that when you add a positive affirmation to water, whether it be by reciting a prayer, thoughts or even to hang a tag on your bottle, the water resonates with the thought and the structure of the water is changed.

I once drew some water from the red spring in Glastonbury believed to be a sacred highly energetic land. Now, that water runs deep through the history of the rocks and layers of sediment before it gets to my bottle, that energy of the land ripples into the water infusing it with the healing properties of the land. When you then drink that water (even just a tiny bit a day) it infuses the water that is within us, which makes up most of us.

Now we don't need to go to sacred waters to get this benefit. We can create it ourselves from the water in your tap (although filtered is better)...take some time when you fill your bottle, kettle, saucepan to say a few words to yourself or out loud (little awkward) and feel that you are focusing positive energy into the water. Now i know this sounds hocus pocus but it doesn't take long and the benefits might be great. It is worth a try.

We can take our positive intention further....with bio-dynamic gardening they make preparations which aim to strengthen the plant and help with disease prevention. They stir these preparations in a circular manner with a wooden spoon for half an hour or more, like a meditation, concentrating on the best tomatoes ever, how amazing they will look when they are ripe, how many beans they will get, too many beans, we will have to give some to our friends. You do not want to be thinking about an angry confrontation you had earlier in the day do you and infusing you remedy with that!

So that leads me to cooking, stirring the dinner, mindfully, with positive lucky am i do have all this lovely food to cook for my blessed am i to have this warm home to cook in.....this meal everyone is going to love and it is going to be so nourishing for us all.

All the time stirring, round and round. We don't stir haphazardly back and forth do we? We stir our tea in a circular motion, we even wash up in the same way, why? because it feels good. Did you know that your hair grows on your head in a circle...ever wondered by one side sticks out? hummm. There is so much more to learn but circles and thought are a good place to start. Try it today and think, the more you do this with everyday jobs, the more you are in the present (not the past or the future) and the more your focus is on the positive.


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