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In harmony with nature,
not costing the earth...

Welcome to my website, full of natural living ideas and home to my handcrafted, locally foraged, unique and practical

100% Natural First Aid Kit (F.A.K) Forgotten Ancient Knowledge

and other seasonal products made with wild,

locally foraged (always) herbs, plants and flowers

Connecting you with the healing power of nature...

Let's shop local, support small businesses and connect as likeminded people. We have been coerced by media advertising and corporate greed. They do not always have our or the planets best interests at heart...lets connect to an alternative truth.

This website is being updated regularly so please subscribe to keep in touch with new information or connect with me through social media, using the teeny tiny buttons below.

This website is based on my opinions and views, they are merely suggestions and offered as inspiration and food for thought, do your own research and trust your gut instincts with regard to what is right for you.

Please keep in touch through social media using the (very tiny) buttons at the bottom of the page. Telegram and Instagram. And please subscribe with your email so I can send you a seasonal newsletter.

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