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Equip yourself with the gift of nature for your first aid requirements...This is my 2nd batch of First Aid Kits and new and improved! Yes they were nearly perfect ;) but I have taken away the individual I.D. cards and replaced with a double sided removable one, with clear uses for each salve and a colour picture to help you identify plants yourself. I have also included a tick remover now too. This one is U.K. made from recycled plastic.

And if that wasn't enough every kit comes with a FREE golden ticket to use on one of my Natural First Aid foraging walks to help you understand and use the kit to the fullest.


The kit is designed to be able to deal with minor first aid incidences naturally. The kits are refillable...and available to buy from my website and on my Natural First Aid workshops.


Plantain salve 10g - for bites and stings


Mallow salve 10g - for dry, irritated skin


Yarrow salve 10g - for small cuts to stop bleeding


Shea butter suncream 10g - to protect from the sun


Insect repel salve 10g - to keep the midges and others away


Lavender keep calm balm 10g - to help with tension, temple rub/lip balm


Comfrey muscle rub 10g - comfrey based salve for sore

muscles and minor injuries


4 x individually wrapped alcohol wipes


2 x upcycled washable and re-usable muslin clothes

(courtesy of iNaga curry resturant, Coney Hall, Kent)


1 x Tick remover


Double sided removable I.D. card.

WILD & PURE 100% natural first aid kit

  • Free collection from Bromley Common.

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