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Hand harvested locally by myself and dried, infused in extra virgin olive oil, then mixed with beeswax (Bray's Bee's) to create an amazing healing salve, brilliant for small cuts and wounds...apply this salve to a bleeding wound and watch it clot, amazing stuff! It's nicknamed 'solider woundwort' for obvious reasons, it also helps relieve pain, fight infection and soothe inflammation.

WILD & PURE Yarrow salve

SKU: 001
  • My products are made of 100% natural ingredients, they dont need to be refridgerated unless stated. They contain no artificial preservatives, always check the product is free from mold before use. Salves are good for around 12 months, creams for around 6 months. Always test on the inside of your elbow before use just to make sure you dont react to any of the products.

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