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What is a healthy diet?

Start your day with a hot water and slice of lemon, avoid caffeine until after...caffeine is a diuretic, it encourages water out of your body. After sleeping (when your body is regenerating and resting), we need to hydrate and cleanse.

Ditch the fad diet...Atkins, paleo, vegan, raw...there are more I'm sure.

If you buy the best you can afford, wash your fruit and vegetables - see below, peel it if not organic, buy quality meat, grass fed that's lived a good life outside eating natural greens, keep hydrated with filtered water (see fluoride in natural living).

Avoid processed food and ditch the sugar!

A great book to look into is offer up some really clean recipe's, and my aim is to incorporate one recipe into our dinner plan (which we don't have!).

We all know that, fruit, rice, brown rice, vegetables, fibre, water, pro-biotics, grass fed meat, organic chicken and organic or wild fish, pasta and wholemeal bread are all good things to eat. Most of your diet should consist of fruit, veg, seeds and whole grains. Free range butter, organic milk and cheese in moderation. Don't go low-fat, it usually has more sugar and thickeners and we need the fat! We don't need the sugar...

The government recommends we consume at least 7 portions of fruit and veg a day!

Caffine, sugar (honey, maple syrup, argave nectar), baked goods, low fat, MSG, cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs, low quality meat, caged hen eggs, battery chicken meat, margarine, tap water, white bread, breadsticks and other pastries. Tinned food. This should not be your main go-to food, it won't make you feel good, its not alive and vibrant, it's dead and beige and to be avoided!


Fruit and vegetable wash

1tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 litre of warm water

Mix the bicarbonate of soda in warm water. Soak the fruit or vegetables for 10 mins then rinse with clean water.

For free-range organic bio-dynamic (as good as I have found) try:- - they deliver meat to your door and also have a lovely farm shop full of organic goodies. - beautiful rustic tea hut and organic bio-dynamic food. - register your interest and when meat is available they email you and you collect. Just outside Sevenoaks, its nice to tie in with a walk in the country.

These are the top of the tree for me, it costs more, you will be shocked and surprised. You are supporting a small business, a business that cares, about you as a customer but mostly about the welfare of animals, how they are kept and the food they eat.


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