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Weeds and I

Weeds and why I love them

Weeds are everywhere, usually where you don't want them. They are invasive, hardy and do as they please. Weed killers subdue them but they come back because they are tenacious. My love for making creams and salves out of foraged weeds allows me to bring some of that beautiful life force of the plant to us as humans. Whether it be to detoxify the skin with say dandelion or soothe the skin with chickweed, there are so many weeds that are medicinal and edible and highly nutritious! By watching weeds and what is growing around us locally, gives us a connection to nature that really allows us to embody the cycles of the seasons and the magic of the universe...mother nature is a force to be reckoned with, choosing to nurture her and understand her will make us as human beings stronger, more resilient and more connected to our world.

Robin Harford...a man who know's his weeds

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