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Too poo...or not to poo?

Around 6 years ago, I met an interesting lady (Juliet Rose)* who made soap among other things and one day she mentioned that she 'no pooed'...Ever since then it was a sub-conscious thought that only really came to the surface around the time of the lockdown....maybe this is a good time to get greasy! Only my and family and I will have to endure my hair..

Now there are a lot of people of would say...why on earth would you not want to wash your hair with shampoo, every other day and feel fresh and clean, well maybe this section is not wholly directed at you...there has got to be that intrigue and curiousness that things can be done a little I want to break this cyclical nature of my existence and try something different?

Very basically, to 'no poo' means to not wash your hair with shampoo.

You can wash it, I for one have greasy hair and I now wash it once a week but I know others that just rinse their hair with water and style.

So what you're doing is breaking a cycle. Every time you wash your hair or skin for that matter and take away natural oils, your body works to replace those oils, so by washing less and with a product that doesn't strip your hair, the body doesn't have to work so hard to replace it.

When you first start, be prepared for greasy hair, there is a detox to be done, there may be silicone from shampoos and goodness knows what else and your hair is going to get rid of it, so hang on!

There are so many things you can wash your hair with, my favourite at the moment is rye flour and water with some geranium and orange essential oils and I finish with a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse. A really good book is by Ashley The No Poo Method.

and it goes into real detail about ph levels, banana masks and much much, more...there's a bit of science involved and some trying of new things and sometimes failing but if this resonates with you, I would be happy to help you with it. Contact me about No Poo.

So after a year nearly of no pooing and no cutting or colouring, I have lost my frizz, that's the best bit, the condition is better and I have saved money and reduced my plastic usage. I wash my hair once a week, don't use harsh chemicals and its thicker I'm sure. I actually love it and can't see myself going back.

*Juliet sells her products through a company,

a small company trying to promote ecological brands.


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