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The many uses for Sesame oil - Cold pressed

Sesame oil (Sesamum indicum) is thought to be from Asia and east Africa, it was one of the first seeds to be pressed for oil, the crop was favoured for it's ability to be able to withstand drought and dry weather.

A whole body moisturizer - Sesame oil contains skin loving fats, vitamin E and A which improves the skins elasticity, suppleness and promotes collagen production. It contains 41% polyunsaturated omega 6 oils and it is also known to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and will give you an approximate SPF 6, I use it underneath my suncream. It is easily absorbed and does not leave you greasy. You need very little (about 5p size) for your face. A 500ml bottle will cost you under £10 and will probably last you most of the year!

Sesame oil is rich in magnesium and calcium and massaging can help tired muscles, it also increases blood flow and can help pain relief.

A lovely treat is to warm some oil and massage from toes to head in an upwards motion, giving thanks and love for your physical body.

Oil pulling - Oil pulling is an ancient tradition originating in the East which involves placing oil in your mouth (about a tablespoon) and swishing around for around 15ish minutes until the spit and oil create a frothy mixture, you then spit out down the toilet (not sink, unless you want to see your plumber with a blockage) and then brush your teeth as normal. The oil nourishes your teeth and gums and aids in the removal of toxins, not only from your mouth but your whole body, this is best done in the morning. - NB. (There is possible contraindications with regard mercury fillings, please ask your dentist).

Hair care - Hair loves oil and it can be used to soften and moisturize. Apply directly to dry ends like a serum or cover the mid-lengths and ends and leave for as long as you have to deeply nourish your hair before washing as normal. Sesame oil applied to the scalp is said to help with grey hair!, and with massage will aid blood flow and encourage hair growth.

Food supplement - Being low in saturated fat and high in polyunsaturated fats, this oil can be beneficial in your diet and is said to have a positive effect on heart health, blood sugar, joint mobility and has anti-inflammatory properties. In the ayurvedic world it is said that sesame oil is a warming oil, it decreases vata, increases pitta and mildly increases kapha, it is also a super tonic to help aid digestive fire.

So a bottle of sesame oil could effectively be a substitute for your facial and body moisturizer, your hair mask and serum, plus a nutritional supplement and, play an important role in your dental health...all for £10 a year in a glass bottle! plastic waste, it's one oil for many uses...I bought a nice amber glass bottle and pump and put in our bathroom (see pic).

Helping you save money, reduce your waste and improve your health.


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