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Natural and pure skincare

Updated: May 21, 2022

I'm passionate about natural skincare, as what we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream. Whether it be hair colour, makeup, face and body cream or shower gel, it all can add up to an overload of toxins in the body.

Cleansing - water

Your skin can be cleansed with very little. Water is enough but if you like something with a bit more gumption, go for a natural soap (not babies soaps as they are very harsh and highly alkaline so they don't sting the eyes) or a natural shower gel...

For an economical buy, I would recommend products with a minimum amount of ingredients which are great for all the family. See recommendations below at the bottom of the page.

Exfoliate - loofah

It's important to slough off those dead skin cells at least once a week and the best way is to dry body brush, either with a brush, loofah or a flannel, work upwards towards the heart to help move toxins for removal in the blood. A muslin cloth is great and a little softer for your face. Allow them to dry out after each use and they will last ages, a great buy.

Moisturise - oil

A simple oil like sesame oil is a great all over moisturiser after a bath or a shower. Its suitable for all skin types and can be applied to the face without a greasy finish and its relatively cheap. Go for a cold pressed one so its purer, I like 'Clearspring cold pressed sesame oil', not toasted sesame that is used in oriental cooking! Olive oil and coconut oil is good too.

Below are some other natural companies that make good natural products.

Sun cream

Oh, the sun cream arena is crazy...slather loads of chemicals on your skin and add sunlight to the mix and see what happens! I'm very excited with my newly formulated sun cream, it's 100% natural made with a combination of shea butter, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, sesame oil and zinc the zinc oxide does leave a slightly misty film on your skin but that is because its a natural reflective from the sun cream is approximately Spf 25.

Please think twice about buying chemical sun creams.

Titanium Dioxide - harmful to coral reefs

Oxybenzone - disrupts hormones and causes organ system toxicity

Octinoxate - toxic to coral reefs

Homosalate - enhances pesticide absorbtion.

Most things that are bad for the planet are bad for us because we are all one and all so intelligently connected.

If you're going to buy a natural sun cream check out my company list at the bottom of the page.

Be safe in the sun, avoid 12-1pm, wear a hat or a long sleeve top, white being the optimal colour to reflect heat.

A polo shirt with the collar turned up and a hat for kids with a little cream on their face and arms is enough, remember that all important Vitamin D!

We could spend tons of money on skincare, a face cream and eye cream, foot cream, cuticle cream etc. Personally I think its all a great big load of baloney...a marketing dream to get us to buy loads of different things, all contained within pretty plastic packaging.... The reality is you can make your own products or you can buy some of mine or I can recommend some lovely ones that don't contain nasties and still work wonders...if you look on your newly purchased wonder cream that claims to make you look younger, the first ingredient you will find it is usually aqua (water)...enough said!

Olive oil, sesame oil, shea butter, coco butter and herbal botanicals are all ingredients formulated from nature for your natural body, don't compromise your beautiful being. Natural cosmetics i recommend are:- - shower gels, shampoo at a reasonable price...

you buy large 5l and refill. - very good quality ingredients for a bigger budget. - very sensitive skin - medium priced. - brilliant and a bargain! (check out my shop) - includes a make-up range too.

Under arm care

Using anti-perspirant deodorant means, aluminium salts (aluminiumchlorohydrate/zirconium) are absorbed into the epidermis (outer layer of skin). The cells then fill up with water and block the pores that secrete sweat. As yogi's may say "your armpits are the exhaust pipes of your body". They are there as an outlet for your body's rubbish that it wants to get rid of, so why inhibit this natural personally no deodorant has never every really worked for me, I still sweat, hallehlulla I say to my body for not being hindered in those younger days when I just didnt want sweat marks on my clothes...there are plenty of natural ones in health shops with minimal ingredients. Now I will admit that they need applying more often and you may have to try a few to see which one suits you best or check out my shop as I make a couple of nice ones from witch hazel which smell delightful...they are currently in the testing phase with some admittedly smelly people, so I will wait for reviews!

Some I would recommend are: - just salt!


What is fluoride...a natural mineral found in nature (calcium fluoride) is naturally found in some sea and spring water and is contained in the earth's crust. Naturally occurring fluoride would make sense to be healthy for us. When it is added to our drinking water though it has been changed...into chemical compounds called calcium fluoride, fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate and hexafluorosilicate. These are then added to some counties water supply. We have been told that fluoride helps protect teeth and prevent was also used by the Nazi's to reduce people's resistance to authority back in the 1930's! It is considered safe in small amounts. If you use it to brush your teeth it clearly states that you should only use a pea size amount and not to swallow...why? because its a neurotoxin, a by-product of aluminium and other heavy metals, which when in our bloodstream can alter cognitive health and there has been questions raised about children and ADHD. So I am clearly not a fan....Luckily where we I live there is no added fluoride in the water (you can check this online) otherwise I would buy a filter. We also use natural fluoride free toothpaste.

Aloe dent (found in Waitrose)

There are plenty of others but be sure to read the label properly as lots of natural looking toothpastes do contain fluoride!


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