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Making your home a haven....

This is where we squash those myths around expensive toxic cleaners and make things a lot simpler and much healthier....oh and save you money and the earth because we aren't accumulating landfill plastic!

Firstly get yourself a steam cleaner, they're not expensive and kill 99.9% bacteria if you're worried about that for things like toilets.

Arm yourself with a couple of E-cloths (spend a bit more get a proper one.) There great, hardwearing and can be washed hot. An E-cloth washing up pad, which is a new investment for me, states it kills 99% of bacteria and can be boiled and degreased.

A spray bottle with some white distilled vinegar or any white vinegar diluted in water (1:10)is great for windows which you can use your E-cloth or crumpled newspaper (which I prefer).

Ecover or similar have good natural washing up detergents that don't dry your hands but are effective on grease.

Pour Coco cola down the toilet (best place for it!) or use denture cleaning tablets which do a great job and are great for cleaning the toothbrushes once a month. You don't need bleach! Steam clean your toilet (much easier to get in the nooks and crannies) and scrub with a brush sprinkled with bicarbonate of soda. Dampen your E-cloth slightly for dusting or use your hoover to do the dusting, i'm loving that!

Washing your clothes more naturally with:

but bear in mind the chemicals you are putting in your own water supply. I was amazed to find on the back in the small print on most laundry detergents the words...dangerous to aquatic life...and a lot are tested on animals! Check for the rabbit...

Check out my blog post with regard to this.

So 5 things you need to clean your home are:-

steam cleaner

pack of E-cloths

empty spray bottle

white distilled vinegar*

bicarbonate of soda*

N.B. vinegar - buy 5l caddy online or in your local hardware shop. The one in Chatterton Road, Bromley is where I got mine).

bicarbonate of soda - buy online as large as you can find. (not like me who is still buying small scale from the supermarkets!).

Dr Bronners have a great range of natural products I like, you can buy the big 5L baby unscented liquid and make things from washing up liquid to shower wash, they also do scented ones, soap bars and toothpaste among other things...their motto is

'we are all one or none'...find out more about this fairly traded and natural cosmetic company here..

See my blog for recipes and ideas.


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