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Commit to the NO sugar challenge... 4 weeks (1 month) starting now..

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Firstly go down to the bottom of this page...check out the video regarding sugar, watch that then try this...

For 1 month you can not eat any refined sugar!...that's it, easy ay?! you can eat anything else you like.. but bear in mind that ready made foods, pasta sauces, ketchup, pickle, most crisps and cereal all contain refined sugar so you have to check your labels or make your own. This includes takeaway food, with exception of fish and chips as I reckon there is no added sugar, instead of ketchup on your chips add salt and vinegar.

Now bread contains sugar in low amounts, stick to a sourdough or a good brown bread as I know its hard to eliminate bread...another hidden culprit is alcohol, yeah I know, its not refined sugar but it turns to sugar and for some myself included is a sugar fix. So it would be a good idea to ditch it while you try this diet! You can eat cheese, meat, butter, smoothies, pasta, rice and everything else. Do not worry about fat, just sugar. Still have a latte just without sweetener.

Load yourself up with apples and pears (seasonal at the moment), oranges, satsumas, blueberries, nuts...porridge for breakfast (yeah ok you can add a tad of honey) and a handful of raisins, maybe some flaked almonds and a banana. Drink lots of water, herbal teas and keep your caffeine to a minimum. If you want a fizzy treat go for Fever Tree low sugar tonic water or San Pellegrino soft drinks.

Good luck!

Btw...I'm not preaching here, I eat very little sugar, only occasionally, and when you come away from it for a while you don't miss it too much and one day you realise most sweet things taste too sweet.

N.B. To make this challenge harder, please please do not opt for artificially sweetened drinks, it's a blog post for another time. Treat this as a little detox and enjoy the process. Christmas is coming and the chance for over-indulgence will be great, this is a good time to rein yourself in.


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